Sunday, 1 January 2012

First post - a little about me.

Happy new year!

This is my first blog post, so welcome to The Little Picture Box. Over the coming days, weeks, months, years(!) I hope to share with you some of my passion for photography - from the good to the bad, boring to interesting and all things in between! I also hope that anyone reading this posts will share photos, tips, tricks and anything else with me too.

A little about me (as the post suggests) I am an assistant producer at Frontier Developments, in Cambridge. I live in Littleport with my lovely fiancee, and enjoy playing guitar, films, beer, food, music and sitting on the sofa (where I am currently residing while writing this post!)

Enough of that though, we are here to talk about those amazing little boxes of technology that produce memories that everyone can enjoy, cameras and the photos they produce. I am not an expert, nor claim to be. I have taught myself, with the power of the internets, as much as I can, and will carry on learning.

I have always loved cameras and taking pictures. When I was younger I would shoot with old disposable cameras. I remember my friend gave me a red 35mm film camera for my birthday. Having never actually seen film, or having to load it into the camera, and not knowing what happens when you open the door to the film half way through shooting a roll, I got some VERY over exposed shots! I then dropped photography for a while (being a teenager something else came along and swept me off my feet) I didn't get back to it till I had a Fujifilm digital camera, as part of new PC bundle. I spent a lot of my time shooting pictures of my dog. I then got swept off my feet by guitar and bands.

Then I was lucky enough to be bought a DSLR by my now fiancee! It was a beautiful Nikon D60 with a kit 18-55mm AFS lens. It is still my current camera now. I have recently added a Nissin Di622 flash gun to my gear which, while it seems to perform very poorly in TTL metering mode, adds a huge new dimension to low light shooting.

Next on the list of gear is a body upgrade. No not mine - I am stuck with this slightly wobbly round the edges body - but a new camera! I am currently looking at the D90 (yes I am sticking with Nikon) with a prime 50mm f1.8 lens, ready for some more portrait shooting.

So this was quite a large first blog, hope you enjoyed it - I will be posting more!

I will also think of a snappy tag line for signing off for now, bye!


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