Friday, 6 January 2012

365 Challenge - Day 6

Evening folks.

Damn cold outside tonight. Me and Lord Velbon talk a walk up to the church near my house for todays shot. It was the location I was talking about in my previous post (day 4) that I couldn't do due to wind. Well I have to say I have come away from it feeling a little unimpressed. It was bloody cold, and I just couldn't get 'the one'. I slapped on the new 35mm lens to go out with tonight, and boy does it not like direct light, I was getting flares all over the damn place. Not sure about that (more of that in the next post about the rest of my new gear). Anyway I said at the beginning, on day 1, that I would post shots both good and bad. So here are 3.

Shot 1 - As I was having trouble getting the shot that I had envisioned, I went abstract. Camera with the lovely new 35mm prime was on the Lord. VERY long exposure of 30seconds, tiny aperture of f.22, and ISO at 200.

Shot 2 - this lamp is one of the things that drew me to the church yard, its clear white light. Camera on the Lord again, bigger aperture of f.10, faster shutter speed of 10seconds and low ISO of 200 again. Lovely streaks of light in the distance made by cars driving by.

Shot 3 - I think the tower in this one looks photo shopped! Camera sat atop Velbon, sloooooooow shutter speed of 30 seconds, f.10, and ISO 200.

Ta-ra Love.
(Thoughts on sign off tag line....I'm from Essex. Innit)



  1. Have you doctored the lamp light? Look awesome the way it beams.

  2. Hey Doug, nope no doctoring to the lamp at all, just a crop, and a little bumping of shadows (that applies for all the photos) Thanks for the comment :)

  3. Any chance of a full sized copy? Just love it.

  4. Hey Doug - Sure can. not sure how to do it on this blogger though, mail me at and I can send you the full size ones :)