Saturday, 28 January 2012

365 Challenge - Day 28

Afternoon blog readers!

Hope the weekend is treating you all well?

I had some time on my own in the house today - so got out all my lighting and backdrop kit to try out some more product photography, as well as trying to get used to using the equipment.


 Shot 1 - Product one, just in! A lovely vase with some fake flowers. Camera - shutter 1/160, ISO 200, and aperture f/13 (unlucky for some) Post processing, just a crop.

 Shot 2 - Another new arrival to the shopping channel, a lovely silver bird. Was sure about this shot, but I love the reflection in it. Camera - as above apart from a small aperture of f/20. Post processing, crop and bump in contrast.

Shot 3 - The latest in technology! put down your iPhone that can do everything under the side, and go back to a handheld piece of hardware that does one thing only, you know it makes sense. Camera - as above. Post processing, lots of tidying up to get the background really white (the muslin backdrop I have leaves a horrible texture if you don't blow it out with light properly. You can see it in the shadows)

Let's crack open a beer.
(thoughts on sign off tag line....cheers!)


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