Tuesday, 10 January 2012

365 Challenge - Day 10

Wooohoooo, double figures!


The new wireless triggering set turned up today, and thankfully it worked. Tonight's pictures are brought to you in conjunction with my new flash heads!

Oh and a little bit of help from Evil Dead 3......

Shot 1  - I setup the Evil Dead figures on the white muslin backdrop that I bought a week ago, with one flash head with a barn door and red filter attached pointed towards the backdrop itself. The other light was pointed more to the foreground. Camera was hand held, with an aperture of f/14, and a shutter speed of 100. ISO was 100. Post processing, cropped, bump to shadows.

Shot 2 - Took the red filter off the flash head, and opened up the barn doors. Camera was set to f/8 (to let more light in to wash the white out) Everything else stayed the same! Post processing, a crop, and a bump to shadows.

I bid thee farewell.
(thoughts on sign off tag line....very shakespearean)


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