Thursday, 5 January 2012

365 Challenge - Day 5

Phew, I feel tired tonight.

Anyways, the challenge. No panics today, I knew what I was going to try my hand at for today's post. Drops of water. Saw a tutorial the other day online about how to do it, and really wanted to give it a go, so here are the results!

Oh, there are FOUR shots today. I am so good to you lot. :D

Shot 1 - I took A LOT of photos tonight. this was an early one, before I used a coloured filter on the flash. Camera was on Lord Velbon (the tripod) with my trusty 18-55mm lens. Shutter set to 1/200 (fastest the D60 can do with flash sync) Aperture was f.18 (to give good depth of field) and ISO 200. Post processing, a big crop to bring the drops in the centre, and a boost to shadows to give more clarity. 

Shot 2 - I am not 100% sure on this, but wanted to include it. I think it kind of looks like glass. And I like that. It was hugely under exposed when I took the shot, but I shoot in RAW so was able to bring some of the exposure to life. Brings out all the noise though. Boo. Anyway - the camera was still on the Lord. Shutter still at 1/200, ISO 200, f.18 and the flash gun off to the side. Afterwards, I cropped the hell out of it, brightened the exposure (before converting to .jpeg) and bumped the shadows.

Shot 3 - I sellotaped a blue piece of plastic to the flash gun to achieve the blue colour. The camera setup stayed exactly the same as before. I cropped the picture, softened the edges, bumped shadows and saturation a little.

You could describe these pictures the same way as belly buttons. Innies and outties. This is another innie. Camera was holding steadfast to the same settings (stubborn mule). Afterwards it was a crop, a soft edge treatment, touch of shadow bumping, and the picture was ready for the weekend!

Au revoir
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