Thursday, 5 January 2012

Arrival of new gear!

I got lots of presents today. Don't you just love getting things in the post? I know I do. And boy was today a bumper day for postal presents!

I ordered 2 blu rays (Lion King and Monster Inc) which arrived, which brings my blu ray collection up to a STAGGERING 8. 

But that isn't what you are here to read about, no no no. It's photography gear you are salivating over, huh?!


Yup I took delivery of my new 35mm AF-S f1.8 lens today, and from the few test shots I took with it quickly, it looks like a splendid peice of kit. More on that coming up in later blogs when I really get down to using it properly. And not only a new lens but my twin head flash lighting kit turned up too! As you can see I have had a tinker with it this evening. Bad news is that the wireless trigger kit doesn't seem to be working, so I have had to contact the seller to resolve the issue. I will keep you posted as to how that goes.

Right, sod this 'being awake' thing, I am going to crawl into bed.

Goodnight one and all 
(thoughts on sign off tag line....well it can only be used at night, so pointless)


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