Sunday, 1 January 2012

365 Challenge - Day 1


One of my new years resolutions is to push my photography skills more, and one way I thought would help (a little idea I have heard of before) is to take at least one picture a day, and post it here! They may not be great, they may be boring, but I will post one here, each day, over the next year - the 365 Challenge!

The first one is a picture of me!

The mirror is my fiancees makeup one, with a circular light around the edge. I love the halo of light it gives in the eye, so went about capturing the shot. I setup my tripod, flipped the mirror around to the 5x side, and set the camera up. I used an ISO of 1600, set f stop to f.7 (I think) and a slow shutter speed of 1/25. I used the timer feature too. Took my a few attempts to get the right look I wanted. I read a technique in a photograph magazine about using high ISO to get a good film grain when using mono, so wanted to try it out. 

Anyway that is day one done, only 364 to go!

Shutter bug out.
(thoughts on the sign off tag.....weak)



  1. Cool photo. Can't wait to see the next 365

  2. Thanks Lesley - day 2 coming up soon!

  3. Adam, my wife Janet says she likes this... I am sure it's just the photo lol...

  4. I am sure it is too :D Thanks Janet! Keep watching, there are MANY more to come!

  5. Good luck Adam - sounds like a great challenge, and I'll be watching with interest!

  6. Hey Will! Thanks pal - I think I am going to need some luck in the coming months.....