Tuesday, 17 January 2012

365 Challenge - Day 17

Well here we are, day 17. And it is beautiful!

Fantastic sunrise this morning, the sky was amazing. It was only right that I try to capture it. I think my neighbour got a shock with me bounding out of the door at 7:30am camera in hand, snapping away, while she put out the rubbish. (no 'stalker in a bush' jokes please, Chris Marsh)


Shot 1 - I just wanted colour, colour, colour!! Simple shot of the sky was all it needed. Camera - ISO 200, shutter 1/80, and aperture f/2.2. post processing, a crop to get rid of some silhouettes.

Shot 2 - Some trees thrown in, I do like the silhouette of objects against skies like these. Camera - same as above except a longer shutter of 1/125. Post processing slight crop to get rid of a little sky that leaked through on the left, and a tint to the top to balance out the dark bottom.

That's all folks!
(thoughts on sign off tag line....looney toons!)


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