Wednesday, 11 January 2012

365 Challenge - Day 11

Evening all!

Took some inspiration from my long tongue friend....Bob. He is a cast of a gargoyle from Chester cathedral!

Shot 1 - Bob is hanging up on the chimney breast in my living room, he is a game 'see how many people spot him'! Camera was set at 1/200, ISO 200 and ISO f/2.8. I used onboard flash too (speed lite batteries have run out) Post processing, turn to mono, with a bump to shadows and a little tint to the top of the frame.

Shot 2 - Bob is a great subject to shoot....he never moves. Camera set up as above, and post processing the same too!

Just want to say thanks for reading my blog - means a lot to me!

(thoughts on sign off tag line....simple, but boring)


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