Thursday, 19 January 2012

365 Challenge - Day 19


I panicked a bit tonight....what the hell to shoot today?! Then I thought.....scary photos. With light. And my ugly mug. Lovely.


Here you have it, 5 of me! With a 'scary' face in the middle. This is one exposure - I used the torch app on my phone as the light source and held it under my face. I used a combination of my hand and a sock to block the light while I moved positions. Camera - setup on the tripod, set to remote shutter control (total exposure time was 28.6 seconds), and aperture of f/16, ISO 100. Post processing....a lot (see original below) First I adjusted the exposure to darken the shadows as much as possible without losing too much light in the faces. I then bumped the contrast. After that I cropped the hell out of it, and removed the light that had caught the bottom of my ear lobs, eyes, and jacket zip etc (you can see what I mean in the original photo) last but not least I increased the shadows to finally make it fully back (as far as I could see) and a little bump in highlights to bring out the faces.

The original - I have bumped the exposure up on this so you can see more detail. You can see where my hand was positioned to light my face. I like this picture as it has a much more ghostly feel to it, as you can see through me (which is down to the light hitting the wall behind me in all the positions I stood in)

Don't have nightmares.
(thoughts on sign off tag line...I scared myself a little doing this shoot, so I shouldn't joke)


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  1. After yesterday's cracker wot do we get today yr ugly mug lol. Having said that still impressive mate.