Monday, 23 January 2012

365 Challenge - Day 23

Evening all!

So normal service is resuming tonight. Materials used tonight.....a pink carnation and a green glass bowl.

Shot 1 - I filled the bowl up with a little water, ripped the carnation off the stalk, and set it floating. I jumped on a chair to get high above it to be able to look straight down. Camera - I had the speed lite on the camera pointing up to the ceiling, shutter 1/80, aperture f/10, and ISO 200. Post processing - increased the contrast and colour, and added a very slight vignette.

Shot 2 - Went for a different angle here, as you can see. Camera same as above expect I had opened the aperture up a bit to f/5. Post processing - Same as above again, with a crop too.

Right, I am off to have some dinner....tuna salad. Very healthy!

Sleep tight.
(thoughts on sign off tag line....only works if you're going to sleep)


1 comment:

  1. Top one is the best photo you've produced so far. You could and should sell prints of that and get a pretty decent price for it. Interesting subject, colours are fantastic. The carnation fucking leaps out at you!