Monday, 9 January 2012

365 Challenge - Day 9

Evening folks

I am very tired today. Played basket ball with work guys for the first time since the Christmas break.....and boy did it hurt!

Anyway - this evenings picture!

I have played around painting with light this evening - interesting results.....

Shot 1 - I  placed a chair at an angle, grabbed my mobile phone, turned on the flash light (torch for all us English folk) and got tracing! Camera was set up on Lord Velbon (the tripod) f/22, and I had the shutter on remote release - I had it open for 18.2 seconds. ISO set to 200, and WB to incandescent to get that electric blue light. Post processing, just converting from RAW to jpeg and a little kick to the shadows.

Shot 2 - Same as above, but you can see here that I have tried to draw a person sitting on the chair. What do you mean you can't see him? He is right there! Camera and post processing same as above (except the shutter was open for 32seconds this time around)

Shot 3 - Some flowers! I was trying to find another interesting object to trace, when I gazed upon this vase with fake flowers in that we have in our blocked up chimney hearth. I [poorly] traced around the vase itself, and gave a little fill to it, then held the light above the flowers for around 5-6 seconds. Only difference to camera was exposure time which for this shot was 18.8 seconds.

So there you go - we are almost into double figures in terms of day number!

Come back soon
(thoughts on sign off tag line....a bit like a shop)



  1. Interesting. Must admit I got lost on how you did the tracing. Might have a look on YouTube to see how you do it. I am sure someone may have done a vid on how it's done.

  2. @Doug The way I traced was to hold my mobile phone against the chair, with the light facing towards the camera....if that makes it any clearer!? I was thinking of starting up a YouTube channel with how to videos....or videos of behind the shoot kinda thing. Maybe.

  3. Ahhh OK. I suppose I just get confused on how your arm/body doesn't block the pic. Like the idea of the youtube 'behind the shoot' idea. I am a visual learner so sometime miss the intricacies of written descriptions/explanations lol.