Friday, 27 January 2012

365 Challenge - Day 27

Oh look at's only the bloody weekend!


Very cold and icy this morning in ol' blighty. My car was iced over.....photographic opportunity? I think so!


Shot 1 - All these photos are taken from inside my car, while it was warming up. Camera - shutter 1/500, aperture f/1.8, and ISO 200. Post, added a vignette, bump the exposure and the contrast.

Shot 2 - Took this by chance really, but on review I like it, something pleasing to my eye. Camera - same as above. Post processing, just a bump in contrast and exposure.

Shot 3 - Another look out of the windscreen. Camera setup as above except a faster shutter speed of 1/640. post processing, vignette, and exposure and contrast bump.

(thoughts on sign off tag line....I just had spag bol)


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  1. Brrrrr I remember the frosty mornings when Janet and I were in Wiltshire back in 1990...