Friday, 13 January 2012

365 Challenge - Day 13

Happy Friday 13th!

Unlucky for some. So far today has been fine for me though - hope everyone has is enjoy the start of the weekend!

The lady of the house is out tonight, so it was a dinner for one.

A dinner for one man.

The result.....

Camera was hand held, with the flash held high over head. Shutter set to 1/200, f/22, and ISO 200. Post processing, crop, a little jump to the exposure to make the background more white, and a tint to the top.

Since this photo was taken I have eaten the burger, and drunk the beer. And they both tasted good.

Hope you all have a wicked weekend. 

See you tomorrow.
(thoughts on sign off tag line....well it can be used every day, except 1)


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