Sunday, 8 January 2012

365 Challenge - Day 8

Day 8 in the big brother house....I mean, in the 365 challenge house.

Had a massive Sunday lunch this afternoon with family, so I am a massive sloth at the moment. As a result I have turned to things inside my house for inspiration for this evenings photo.

I play guitar as well as snap photos, and I have one guitar which is quite an interesting shape....

I like the shadow that is cast behind the guitar here, achieved by holding the flash off to the side. The colour comes from setting the camera WB to incandescent. Aperture at f/4, shutter at 200, and ISO 200. Post processing a slight jump in shadows.

I wanted to get in close to show the comparison between the pointed headstock of the guitar and it's shadow. Again the colour is due to the WB being set to incandescent. Aperture f/8, shutter 1/200, ISO 200. Post processing, just a bump in shadows.

All this typing has worked off some of my dinner....maybe it's time for tea.

(thoughts on sign off tag line....very English)


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  1. I love your use of blue. It's just seems to make the pics jump.