Thursday, 12 January 2012

365 Challenge - Day 12

Goooooooooooooood evening!

I just checked the stats of this blog and seems we have quite a worldwide audience! Hits are coming in from as far away as India and Kenya! Hello to everyone! I am pleased to see my blog is doing the rounds and getting hits from all over this wonderful rock of ours.

On to this evenings shot. Flowers. Champagne flute. Flash light.


Shot 1 - I am using one of my dinning room chairs, with a black piece of cloth (in this case my jacket) on the back of it, to stop the reflections (as the chair is leather) The flash was held up above and to the left of the shot as you look at it now. I had a remote shutter release, so set the shutter to 'time' meaning on the first press of the button on the remote the shutter opens, and the second press closes it again. Between the two button presses I manually fired the flash. Camera was on a tripod (with my new love - the 35mm lens) ISo set to 200, exposure was 1.3 seconds and aperture was f/7.1. Post processing - bump in shadows and contrast to darken the background and make it as near black as I could. Oh, and a crop.

Shot 2 - Same as above really, excpet that the flash was aimed directly above the flower. Settings all the same, exposure was 0.769 seconds! Post processing, same as above.

Right I am off to cook some chilli - yum!

You have to go, to come back again.
(Thoughts on sign off tag line.....I quite like it. My mum used to say it to me when I was younger, when I had to go somewhere I didn't want to - like Tesco shopping)



  1. Hey Adam, had a thought... this treatment would look great on a person... a head or face looking searching upwards...

  2. Also, heading off tomorrow for 2 weeks with 7 youth from our church to do an outdoor adventure camp so will be looking forward to sitting down and perusing the pics when I'm back.

  3. hey Doug - yeah I will be trying out with people next for sure. Have fun camping!