Tuesday, 3 January 2012

365 Challenge - Day 3

Une, deux, trois.

Yup, already we are on day 3 of the 365 challenge and to celebrate my recent engagement here are some shots of our hands and the ring.

Yes, that is right I said 'shots' as in more than one because today you lovely people get not one, but TWO photos to gaze upon! Fear not my dear blog readers, I don't count this bonus as an extra one off the 365, oh no. So in fact it's the '366 challenge'........but let's not go down that road and stick to what we know.

This is the first shot. I cracked open the Velbon tripod again, set shutter speed to1/40, aperture to f.8, and back to nice clean low ISO 400 (hence the slow shutter speed) Little bit of black and white treatment, some soft focus on the ring, a touch of dark tint along the top, and a bump in the shadows to give a little more contrast, and Bob is your uncle.

Shot number two. An idea I saw recently and I wanted to give it a whirl. Hand held, shutter speed set to 1/100, aperture f5.3 (the fastest the lens can give me at it's longest length of 55mm) to give a nice shallow depth of field, ISO 400. A little drop of exposure compensation when converting from RAW to .jpeg was all this picture need (I thought anyway)

(thoughts on sign off tag line....to proffesional)


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