Wednesday, 25 January 2012

365 Challenge - Day 25

Evening all,

Wanted to inject a little bit of colour into the blog today.

Want colourful pictures + make up crazy fiancee =

 Shot 1 - Selected the most colourful vanishes, setup a little white background and lined up the colours in some kind of order. Camera - flash gun was set to fire against the background, and the pop up flash to fill in. Shutter at 1/200, aperture f/5.3, and ISO 200. Post processing, a crop, bump in colour and contrast. I also tidied up some of the labels that were still showing.

Shot 2 - Move the colours into a semi circle of sorts. Camera was the same as above. Post processing, crop and a bump in colour and contrast.

Not overly happy with tonight's shots, BUT I did say this was a 'warts and all' challenge, so here they are!

Take care.
(thoughts on sign off tag line.....meh, running out now)


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