Tuesday, 24 January 2012

365 Challenge - Day 24

Well hello there.

I hope everyone is ok tonight? I can't stop sneezing at the moment. Damn nose. Man flu cometh.

Anyway you didn't come all this way just to read about the workings of my nose, did you?! No, I hear you scream, I did not. You came here for some photos, and photos you shall have.

I held the world in my hand this evening.


Shot 1 - I have this paper weight that is in the shape of the world, with rough outlines of all the continents. Ali (fiancee) gave me an idea to use it tonight, using the flash gun through it somehow. As I was setting up I thought....how about I hold it?! Boom. Camera (on tripod) - shutter 2seconds (to give me time to manually fire the flash)  aperture of f/22 (so as not to let too much light in, especially any ambient light) and ISO 200. I held the flash to one side of hand in this shot. Post processing - a crop, bump in contrast to get the black really black, a little darkening around my wrist to try and balance out the black on the right hand side, and I cleaned up some bits and bobs on the globe itself.

Shot 2 - Setup exactly as above with the exception of where the flash was held - in this shot it is directly above the globe. Post processing - crop, and cleaned up a little bit on the globe (some odd light refraction's)

I think this globe may have more to offer in the future - so watch this space!

Yeeeeee Har.
(thoughts on sign off tag line....I always wanted to be a cowboy)


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