Saturday, 7 January 2012

365 Challenge - Day 7

Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend. I know I am, I have a cold Carlsberg and some Akercocke on the speakers. Lovely.

So today was a good day for photography! I ventured out to the old city of Ely to have a look around with my D60 and the 35mm, and I got some very pleasing results. After the disappointment I felt last night after the church yard shoot I really needed a positive spin, and I got it. Thanks Ely!

 Driving into Ely I saw this scene and had to stop to capture it. I grabbed the polarising filter to try and give the rays a bit more contrast (didn't really work) But some post processing made it look, in my opinion, moody, stormy, dark and broody. Lovely in other words. Camera was setup with aperture of f5.6, shutter speed of 1/250, and ISO 200. Post processing - increase in contrast, to darken the sky, and the ground (to remove all the busy things that were actually there) and a little exposure compensation to really bring out the stormy feel.

This little fella (or lady) came over to say hello to me, once I got to Ely. Not sure what kind it is, but it was very short. I like the framing with the fence, but wish I had the eyes in focus, instead of his nose. Camera set to shutter 1/200, f.2, and ISO 200. Post processing, a bump in contrast and saturation.

I love what the sign is saying, and the style in which it was written (I guess it is to do with the horses that were in the field) Camera set to f1.8 to get a nice creamy background, shutter of 1/800 and ISO 200. Post processing, I turned it to mono, and increased the contrast. I also added a tint to the top of the pic.

I found the shape of this lamp against the sky very pleasing to the eye. Bold and simple. Camera set to f.5, shutter at 1/640, and ISO 200. Post processing, a bump in contrast to wash the lamp out in black and a tint to the top of the frame.

Ely used to be a big fishing town, back in the day. And yeah you guessed it, made a lot of trade in eels. In one of the parks they have a sculpture of an abstract eel. I knew I had to get a shot of it. Turned out to be rather difficult to get a shot I liked. In the end I found this one rather nice, following the abstract form of the sculpture itself. Camera set to f.2, shutter at 1/2000, ISO 200. Post processing, a bump in saturation to bring out the blue in the sky.

Middle of the day, and the lamp was on. Just asking to be photographed. I agreed. I love the light that shines on the tendrils of the tree the lamp was placed under. Camera set to 1/1600, f2 and ISO 200. Little bump in saturation in post processing was all.

Found this under a railway bridge that spanned the river in the Ely. I love the rusty colour against the green. Camera set to 1/40, f1.8 (it was very dark under the bridge) and ISO 200. Post processing, bump in saturation to really bring out the colours that I like in it.

 Who the bloody hell is this? Oh yeah, it's me. I liked that I am only in the center strip of the photo, and I just thought it was a bit kookie, so there you go. Camera 1/100, f2.2, ISO 200. Post processing a bump in saturation, and I had to straighten it up a touch.

Just want to say thanks for sticking with me the week so far, I appreciate it very much.

Stay safe
(Thoughts on sign off tag line.....bit like a safety warning)



  1. Here in New Zealand we say Kia Kaha (Stay Strong). Loving the pics. You have really got me back to looking at things around me to photograph myself. It just amazes me how the 'normal' things around us can just 'pop' when focussed in on.

  2. That is exactly why I love photography - you can take something that looks bland, or something you wouldn't even see and make a great photo out of it. Even if it is just yourself that enjoys it. I am glad you are getting back into photography, please share the pics with me, I would love to see what you come up with, I am going to need lots of inspiration for the 365 challenge!

  3. Dude that frigging potatoes pic/sign is genius. Loving the work!

  4. @Chris - I know, it was such a random request from the park owner! Brilliant stuff!