Saturday, 4 February 2012

365 Challenge - Day 35

Afternoon folks!

Went to pickup my glasses today from the great city of Ely, so thought I would take the chance to snap a few locations while there!

Shot 1 - from outside rather the grand cathedral! Camera - aperture f/10, ISO 200, and shutter 1/80. Post processing, black and white, and contrast tweaks.

Shot 2 - a view near the cathedral. Camera - aperture f/3.2, ISO 200, shutter 1/400. Post processing - tweak to the colour curves, and a little crop with vignette.

Shot 3 - there is a small church near the cathedral, this is the path leading to the door! Camera - shutter 1/200, ISO 200, aperture f/2. Post processing, contrast tweak, had to straighten it up a touch, and added a vignette.

Shot 4 - Poppy memorial near fore hill. Camera - shutter 1/160,  aperture f/2, ISO 200. Post processing - Tweak to the colour curves, and straightened it up.

Shot 5 - Close up of the memorial. Camera - f/1.8, shutter 1/125, and ISO 200. post processing, added a vignette, bump the contrast.

Hope you are all having a great weekend!

Much love.