Sunday, 19 February 2012

365 Challenge - Day 50

Good afternoon all,

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend? I was out at a wedding fair today - so took the chance to grab a few shots for today's picture! I cracked open the 18-55mm lens today, to get some more wide angle shots. The 35mm prime is a great lens, but not the best for landscape.


Shot 1 - The West Wing at Ickworth. Lovely building, and massive grounds. Camera - aperture f/10, shutter 1/200 and ISO 200. Post processing - tweaked the contrast and brightness, darkened the sky a touch, adjusted the colour curves.

Shot 2 - Another part of the building. Camera - aperture f/10, shutter 1/400, and ISO 200. Post processing - slight crop, boost contrast, and tweaked the colour curves. Darkened the sky too.

 Shot 3 - Nice view leading up to part of the building. Camera - shutter 1/320, ISO 200 and aperture f/10. Post processing - I had to straighten it out quite a bit, I was in an awkward angle to a nice low shot. Tweaked contrast and brightness, and added a vignette.

 Shot 4 - Just a tree. I have a thing for tree silhouettes against blue skies. Love 'em. Camera - shutter 1/640, ISO 200, aperture f/10. Post processing, bumped the contrast, and tweaked colour curves. Added a vigenette.

Shot 5 - Another tree. Lovely. Camera - same as above except shutter at 1/125. Post processing - contrast, and colour curves tweaked!

Shot 6 - A view through an arch way to the building. Camera - f/10, ISO 200, shutter 1/250. Post processing - jump in contrast and brightness. 

Much love.


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