Monday, 6 February 2012

365 Challenge - Day 37

Evening folks,

Bit of an odd one tonight, slightly rushed, sorry about that.

A study in light streaks.


Shot 1 - Set the camera up looking out of the window of my bedroom. Camera - setup on Lord Velbon, long exposure of 5seconds, to get the sweeping light, f/6.3, and ISO 200. Post processing - tried to make it more interesting by cropping and tweaking colour curves.

Shot 2 - Same as above, just a different car drove by!

Shot 3 - Same as above once again, just another car drove by, a little slower!

Much love


  1. Cool. I have often wanted to set up over a Motorway and get the light trails. Just haven't gotten my A into G when the opportunity was there.

    1. I like that idea Doug - I also want to head to my local train station and catch trains go by at night!

    2. I hadn't thought about that. The UK has a much better train service than us... That creates some interesting mind images...