Saturday, 25 February 2012

365 Challenge - Day 56

Afternoon folks.

Pretty tired today, after last night (an incredible gig though) Had a stroll around my old stomping ground, the oldest recorded town in England - Colchester!


 Shot 1 - A small memorial on the grounds of the old Roman castle. Camera - f/10, shutter 1/200, ISO 200. Post processing - Bump in contrast, straightened up, tweaked the colour curves, little vignette.

Shot 2 - This tree has some interesting bark, almost like army camo! Camera - f/5, shutter 1/250, ISO 200. Post processing - cropped, vignette and contrast bump.

Shot 3 - a very old arch way, again on the grounds of the Roman castle. Camera - f/3.5, shutter 1/2500, ISO 200. Post processing - darkened the skies, turned to mono, increased contrast, tweak colour curves to get a more sepia tone to it.

Much love!


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