Wednesday, 1 February 2012

365 Challenge - Day 32

Welcome to February. Hope you have a had a good first of the month!

I wondered around my house this morning, whilst waiting for the car to defrost and heat up ready for the drive to work, in search of today's picture. I stumbled across a bike we have outside, owned by one of our friends (hey Gem!).


Think it looks quite arty. I like it. I have been playing around with GIMP a lot more, which is good, I'm learning post processing and camera techniques! Camera - aperture f/2, ISO 200, shutter speed of 1/30. Post processing - increased the contrast, added a vignette, and tweaked the colour curves. Finally added a little RGB noise to give it a more vintage feel.

Much love
(thoughts on sign off tag line....I think I am going to stick with it)


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