Wednesday, 28 March 2012

365 Challenge - Day 88

Evening all,

Pretty late one today - extra effort needed in my full time job this evening!

Tried my hand at macro today (it is the theme of this weeks challenge on digitalrev) and a new technique....using a lens the wrong way around! The guy who posts the weekly themes suggested trying the technique out - you take off the lens, spin it around (set the camera to manual) and you get an almost 1:1 shot, just like a macro lens! All out of my 18-55mm kit lens. Lovely.


Not too bad at all, I think! Looks like a massive daisy, but relaly just a normal sized one. The camera tells me that the ISO was set at 800, and shutter was 1/80. Before I took the lens off and turned it around I set aperture to f/5.6 (lens at 55mm) Post processing - contrast and colour curve tweak, and vignette.


Much love!


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