Sunday, 18 March 2012

365 Challenge - Day 77 AND 78!

Evening folks.

Yup I am cheating today (and sorry for not posting yesterday) I have been helping my sister move house all weekend, which involved around 12 hours each day of painting, moving, cleaning, and laying a laminate floor on my own. Couldn't get internet access, so had to wait till I was home tonight!

Photos are shocking, but I am cream crackered!


 Day 77 - Yeah that's right, that is a fish in a pig. That was how we transported the little fella to the new house.

Day 79 - And this is a my cheap shot - I was done at this point, and still had an hour and 15minute drive home! This is the floor I laid on my own. Lovely.

Normal service shall resume tomorrow.

Much love



  1. I'll give one, but make sure it's the last Adam. We are here to keep you honest and on schedule lol.

    1. Hey Doug - Yup, will make sure it is the last! ;)