Sunday, 11 March 2012

365 Challenge - Day 71

Afternoon all.

Fantastic day today. Went to visit another possible location for the wedding, had some lunch, and a few drinks with family in the sun. Lovely.


Shot 1 - Another possible wedding venue. The who owns this place is a legend! It was very quirky. Camera - aperture f/9, shutter 1/80, ISO 200. Post processing - straighten up, contrast, and colour tweak.

Shot 2 - Camera - f/5.6, shutter 1/650, ISO 200. Post processing - little vignette, and contrast and colour tweak.

Shot 3 - Camera - f/5.6, shutter 1/160, ISO 200. Post processing - vignette, and colour and contrast tweak.

Much love!


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