Tuesday, 28 August 2012

365 Challenge - Day 241


  A little different style tonight. Less focus on my art and more on the art of some street graffiti.

Driving to get the wedding suit (finally found it!) I saw an old warehouse building, with bricked up windows, covered in spectacular artwork. I had to stop and get some shoots.

Turns out it was done, with permission of the building landlords, by a Cambridge based art collective called 'Blight Society Art' http://blightsociety.blogspot.co.uk/. They are:

'Dedicated to changing the public perception of these misunderstood art forms for the better we work closely with schools, community groups and the public to show how graffiti urban and street artwork can be used as a positive tool to help build inclusive communities and improve public spaces.'

and more power to them!


All post processing was much the same - just bump contrast to really bring out the colours, added vignettes to focus in on the art and some had to tweak the WB.

Much love!



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  2. Good work! Really great to see the art like this.

    1. Thanks! I say it again, the graffiti makes the shot, I was just lucky enough to capture them!