Wednesday, 15 August 2012

365 Challenge - Day 228

Gooooood afternoon!

   Today is the last day of the holiday, we fly home tonight! Booooo! Had a great time here, got a cracking tan!

I didn´t do too bad with the posting while away - only had to upload 2 days twice, which I don´t think is bad at all. Of course I stuck to the real challenge, which was to take a photo a day (even when ill!) and boy has that been a challenge with just an iPhone - there have been some cracking sights that really, I just couldn´t capture with an iPhone. I know gear doesn´t ´make´ a picture, but when the boat is docked way out at sea, the 200mm lens would have been very handy!


I will see you all back in England!

Much love


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