Friday, 24 August 2012

365 Challenge - Day 237

Good night!

   Almost for me, anyway, I am knackered! To celebrate the release of Guild Wars 2 (a PC computer game), the company who make it have released a few rather stunning models based on characters in the game. One of the guys I work with kindly let me take a few photos of his.


Camera - ISO 2000, f/3.5, shutter 1/40. Post - Colour curve tweak, and contrast bump

Camera - ISO 2000, f/3.3, shutter 1/100. Post - turn to mono, big bump to contrast and brightness, little vignette.

Camera - f/3.3, ISO 2000, 1/80. Post - turn to mono, big contrast bump.

 Camera - f/3.5, ISO 2000, 1/50. Post - vignette, colour curve tweak and contrast bump

Camera - f/3.2, ISO 2000, shutter 1/100. Post - contrast bump.

Camera - f/3.3, ISO 2000, 1/60. Post - turn to mono, selective colour and big bump to contrast.

Much love!


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