Friday, 25 May 2012

365 Challenge - Day 146

Evening all!

What a beautiful day it has been today! I took full advantage of the clear skies for the sunset this evening.


This was taken with the black card technique - Camera - shutter open for a second, ISO low, F/22. Post - little tweaks to the RAW file (picture control to portrait)

 This is a straight normal shot in aperture mode. Camera - ISO low, f/22, shutter 1/125. Post - crop and straighten.

 Another shoot with the black card technique. Camera - Shutter 2seconds, ISO low, f/22. Post - cropped.

Straight shot in aperture mode. Camera - aperture f/10, ISO low, shutter 1/250. Post - removed the ghost sun.

Straight shot in aperture mode. Camera - f/10, shutter 1/60, ISO 1000. Post - little vignette around the moon.

Much love!