Wednesday, 16 May 2012

365 Challenge - Day 137

Evening all!

Tried my hand at the black card technique again tonight, and am a lot happier with the out come!


Shot 1 - Had the camera setup on the Lord (tripod) I took a meter reading of the foreground - which came out to be around a second (with aperture set at f/22) I then grabbed my piece of card (Red Hot Chilli Peppers CD sleeve!) and set the shutter to open on a 2 second timer. I set the card up to cover the sky and once the shutter had opened I moved the card up and down slightly, to ease the black shadows that it can cause. I judged when I needed to remove the card fully to expose the sun. Not a bad result! Post - Little bump to contrast and brightness.  

Shot 2 - This is the same as above, except I held the card over the lens for a little longer - resulting in a darker exposure. The dark vignette strip at the top is actually the shadow of the card - I hadn't moved it out of the way before the the shutter closed - but I really like the effect, free vignette! Post - NONE!

Shot 3 - Same as the other two. Post - little vignette to the top.

Much love!


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