Friday, 18 May 2012

365 Challenge - Day 139

Evening all!

Happy Friday!

Another go at some painting with light tonight, with a little twist!


So this was a little complicated to setup and get right! Took me a few goes!

I had my speedlite setup off camera, with the wireless trigger attached. That was positioned on the floor pointing up to where I would be stood. I set the camera's shutter to wireless control (remote) and the shutter speed to 'bulb' (with the wireless remote that means that with the first press of the remote button the shutter will open, and it will stay open till it is pressed it again)

I then got into position!

With the flash sync set to normal on the camera, when I pressed the remote button the shutter opened, and the flash fired. That illuminated me stood in my 'wizard pose'! The shutter stayed open after the flash.

I then worked quickly to use the light on my phone to draw the lighting bolts from my hand (which I had to guess where it was) to the guitar.  Between each 'bolt' I had to turn the light off, so you wouldn't see the streaks of light as I moved back and forth.

Once I had drawn three bolts, I then used the light on the phone to expose the guitar a little (could have done with a little longer I think)

Finally I pressed the remote button again and closed the shutter!

Post - I changed the WB (white balance) to give it a more blue tone, to tie it all together (based on my tshirt colour!). Cropped a little, and bump the contrast a touch.

Just to confirm - this is just one exposure, no merging of multiple shots.

Much love!



  1. It blows me away how you use all your camera options to get such interesting shots. It makes it that the effects arn't computer generated into the final shot.

    1. Thanks very much Doug - I was really pleased how this came out, and pride myself on not using too much post effects to create things in the shot - it is organic and all from the camera!