Sunday, 15 April 2012

Look at this! I'm [almost, not really] famous!

Hey guys,

I was checking my profile over at, where I also upload my 365 challenge photos, and look what I found.....

Yup that is yours truly on the 'discover tab'. It's the page people go to discover new members, photos that are getting a lot of attention, and trending cameras etc.

I am featured under 'revving up' group which basically means a member is becoming popular with the community! But not only that I also have two photos on the 'trending camera' line too - my bubble shot from Day 101 and candid portrait shoot from day 100.

I am very proud - it is a big achievement for me, to be recognised by my fellow photographers in this way.

Thanks to everyone that follows my blog too - I appreciated you all!

Much, much love!


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