Monday, 30 April 2012

Favorite of the month

Hey all,

And so we say good bye to April, and hello to May and completion of 1/3 of the 365 (actually 366 due to the leap year) challenge!

Time to reflect on the past 30 days of photos, and chose my favorite.

Day 118 - the contrast between the flowers being in colour and the backgrounds being in mono I think works really well. I like the almost industrial feel to some of them.

Day 119 - Simon the snail. I love the angle, the subject and the colour tone of this shot. And the fact that Simon came to my rescue when I was in such a rush!

The winner.......

Simon the snail!

And now over to you.....what was your favorite day?

Much love, and thank you all so much for keeping with me. 244 days to go!


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