Sunday, 1 July 2012

365 Challenge - Day 183

Good evening folks!

Great day out at Duxford airshow with my Dad. The best show in the UK for sure.

Bumper collection of photos to kick off the second half of the year too. I am not going to try and note all the camera settings down, or the post processing of them as there is a lot. If you are interested in more info on any of them - please let me know and I will reply!

Flying Legends.


Shot 1 - Messerschmidt Me109

 Shot 2 - P-51 Mustang

Shot 3 - B-17

Shot 4 - Grumman Bearcat

Shot 4 - Fokker Triplane, Sopwith Triplane and I think a Camel too.

 Shot 5 - Yak 51's (I think)

Shot 6 - Steermans

Shot 7 - Can't remember!

 Shot 8 - P-38 Lighting

Shot 9 - P-51s

Shot 10 - DC3 Dakota

Shot 11 - B-17

Shot 12 - Spitfires

Shot 13 - Bearcat and Corsair

Shot 14 - Corsair

I think I may do another bonus blog post with more shots from the day....if people want it? Let me know if you do!

Much love.


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